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BikeBook Color Palettes

Palette 01:

For the first palette, I focused on the keywords modern, stylish, and up-to-date while keeping in mind the artisanal and vintage vibe.

On, I came across the illustration below (by Jacob Boie) and liked the bright yellow/green next to the gray and silver:


Originally, I created a palette with the silver, chartreuse, and the illustration's background color, but the combination felt too earthy and mellow. In Spectrum, I darkened the gray, which I substituted for the background color. After experimenting with different combinations in the logo, I decided on this: 


Palette 02:

I wanted the second palette to be a little more colorful and playful without losing the modern feel. My main source of inspiration was the Scouted app (designed by Meg at Ghostly Ferns):


In particular, I like the use of the muted red as an accent with the blue. She used a lighter gray in her palette, but I needed something a little darker. So, after decreasing the lightness of the gray, I ended up with this palette:


I like the red in the logo, but I'm still not sure whether or not it's too distracting... Feedback would be much appreciated!


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