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BikeBook Color Palettes

The BikeBook brand is adventurous, fun, modern, stylish, and up-to-date, targeted to a relatively young, urban, high-end demographic. 

From this brief, I was drawn towards a lively, bightly-colored palatte for the brand. The competition is fairly staid in their design - pretty cheap-looking, using basic primary color combinations (lots of yellow, but not used interestingly for the most part). The color choice for BikeBook needs to convey a sense of vintage style and sophistication that goes along with they types of bicycles that BikeBooke will rent, while still remaining fun and playful.

I used Kuler to build a number of custom palattes, which I then moved over into Illustrator to create some additional tints and shades (I don't love that Kuler makes you create a five color palatte - pretty limiting.) For one palatte, I drew inspiration from a picture on the Mission Bicycles website, one of the brands that BikeBook will stock.

Here are the two I ended up liking the most:

What do you think? Feedback welcome!


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