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Amira Hailemariam

Graphic Designer & Front-End Developer



BikeBook Color Palettes

I've been designing for a couple of years now, but still find myself struggling with color.
 So feedback is greatly welcomed!


During this process, I realized that I didn't know when to call the palette "done". In one of the videos Geri described designers who tweaked their colors throughout the whole design process and that's definitely me! Not being confident in my color choices, I never know when they're "right". Anyways, the photo I referenced: 

I know we were supposed to stick with three, but I couldn't choose! When I read the target audience was "fashion-forward" & "urban" I immediately thought of a cozy red. The picture supplied the blue hues and I thought they captured the brand's "modern" and "stylish" aspects pretty well.

I'm not too happy with the color combo for the logo. Keeping it monotone or using an analagous color gave "bike" too much prominence over "book", which is why I decided to make it two-toned… but I'm not sure that specific combo is even all that enticing.




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