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BikeBook Color Palette

After reading the prompt, Bikebook is geared towards the artsy, earthy, adventurous individualistic community. People who will be attracted to Bikebook will be those who wish to explore, adventure, and sightsee through the non-traditional, non-tourist options. Bikebook users will be those who will explore the city by foot, interact with locals, and visit the local, organic, fooderies.

For the initial phase I of the Color on the Web workshop, I've created two color palettes.

The first look is based on the artsy/earthy aspect of Bikebook's audience. This will be warmer, brighter, palette, and will emphasize a bolder artistic look. I used the following image to create this first color palette:

The second look is based on the earthy/adventurous aspect of BikeBook's target audience. This palette will have a cooler and more settle look, and will emphasize a more urban, earthy feel. I used the following image to create this second color palette:

I also created these other color palettes based on a few of the other images provided:


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