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BikeBook — RL

Here is the list of brand adjective's I want the colorscheme to value:

* Hipster-ish

* Classy, not Tacky

* Modern, not Edgy

* Youthful, not Mature

# Colorscheme via Spectrum

These are rooted in road and environment colors. Red and yellow values to idealize traffic light (no greens though, because I didn't want to use reds with greens). The blue is also very environmental for the sky. They are saturated enough to be youthful, but not so much as that they are tacky.

Here's a screenshot from the selection process:

And here's a final version of the pallette:

# Colorscheme via Photo

These colors, again, are rooted in the environment. A yellow and red value for the light. And a blue for the open sky. These are more muted, which makes them feel more modern. These colors feel more SF and urban which helps with the classy vibe. I'm a little concerned that it's too SF-centric and fails to properly represent the NY and other city appeal.

Here's a screenshot from the selection process

And a finalized version:


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