Bike Cycles: The Bike Sharing, Discovery, Recovery and Anti-Theft App!

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How many times have you heard of a bike getting stolen? Wouldn't it be awesome if there were an app to store your serial numbers, to have pictures of all your accessories and to send out alerts when you find out your bike is missing?  Well, I am developing an app that does just that -- not only can you see pictures of all of your bike's accessories, but you can log purchases and track purchase history.  If you find that your bike has gone missing, an alert will be sent out to everyone using the app within a 3-5 mile radius just in case your bike can still be spotted in one piece.  Bikes can also be posted for rent or to borrow so that you can help to make the world a better place while you're sitting at work.  Borrowers, users, buyers and sellers are all verified to help take the guess work and worry out of your every day! 



The three most important features are:

1. Part Logging: The bike logging system that allows you to take pictures of, register, verify, log and write descriptions of each of the pieces on your bike. If you buy a new seat, you can scan the product code to log it (with standard manufacturer pictures). If you create a custom part or if your bike part is altered in anyway, then you can make note, take more pictures and keep track of your bike over time.  If your bike or bike part has a serial number, then you can log that and keep track of all of the pieces over time.  Purchases made in stores will be verified first owner, and purchases made through person to person interactions, Craigslist, etc. will be kept track of separately. Parts will be maintained and automatically transferred upon purchase (eventually from manufacturer to store purchase, etc) so that you can know who owned which parts for how long and be able to verify that any parts being purchased are legitimately being purchased. 

2. Verified Profile: People can pay to be verified and certified to not have a criminal record so that people purchasing and selling will be able to make sure transactions are safe and secure.  Profiles will also help to connect people within networks to make bike sharing easier.  People can rate how it was to work with you and let others know what their experience was. If you have a bike that you would like to offer to borrow, or rent, this will be listed on your profile as well. 

3. Alert and Map: Oh no! Your bike has been stolen! What to do now!?!?  Press our ALERT button and let people in a 3-15 mile radius know that your particular bike with certain serial numbers and parts has gone missing.  People with the app will get a text message or alert on their phone so that others in the area can keep an eye out for the bike, or accessories. This map will allow you to pin point the last known location and others (even those out of your network) can send an anonymous message providing leads about your bike.  If someone tries to sell a bike or register a bike with your serial number then you will also receive an alert with a map of the location of the user.  Bikes that are offered for rent or borrow will be listed on maps on the app as well. 

Sketches and Screenshots: 


App Login Page:

Home Page

Features: Navigate or swipe to Personal Profile, Bikes, Map, Search feature or report a bike lost or stolen

Profile Page


- Personal info: Name, age, city living in, city working in, current city, optional bio
- Bikes: Owned, rented, wish list, borrowing, etc. 
- Friends: Friends through Twitter, Facebook, Google +, LinkedIn and other networks
- Ratings and Reviews: When borrowing, purchasing, selling, fixing, renting a bike, etc. it is useful to know what others have perceived about interactions and usage with bikes.
- Ads possible

Bike Profile 


- Bike description: color, road/street bike, girls/womens/mens/boys, etc.
- Photos of bike, all accessories, etc.
- Add additional bike, accessory or photos of individual pieces
- Log serial numbers and other key identificaiton information
- Track purchase history, find previous owners, see how often it's needed a fix-up!
- Get certified as orginal owner or display your verified owner certificate
- Display for rent, sale or borrow
- Give bike a rating

Map and Alerts

- Display current city
- Dispaly places to rent bikes
- Display recent bike theft alerts (so you know where to park your bike and where not to!)
- Open recent bike theft alerts to compare bikes you've seen 
- Filter searches 


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