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Trinette Brown

Graphic Designer



Bike Book - Colour Palettes

For my first palette I pulled from a bright city photo that I found interesting. 

The keywords from the brief that I focused on were:

- Urban, Young, Stylish, Adventurous & Creative. 

These words made me envision a colour palette that was rich and bold, without being too bright or in your face. Colours strong enough to make an impact and attract an adventurous and creative audience, but still being simple and grounded enough to make the customer feel safe and at ease. 

Reference photo with hues, tints & shades:


Palette #1, based on above photo:


For my second palette, I wanted to do something a bit more subtle, but still keeping the young & creative feel to it. It still feels like it appeals to the urban adventurer, but it's softer and more subdued than the previous one. I used Adobe Color and went with a simple monochromatic theme:



Colour has never been my strong suit, so I was happy to come across this class in the web design challenge! This has definitely changed how I approach projects, and I'm excited to work more with colour. Thanks Geri for a great class! :) 


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