Bike Book Color Scheme | Skillshare Projects

Laurel Hamilton

Graphic/Web Designer



Bike Book Color Scheme

To start this project, as I was reading the brief, I made notes about what the brief said and what things came to mind as I read them.  My notes (typed since they were scribbled horribly) were:



-tech, art, music

-Apple over Android

-loves travel, photography, bikes (hipster)

-blue for tech, green for nature


-modern, stylish

-fun, adventurous

From there, I created the first palette using the phrases travel, fun and adventurous for my keywords in creating the palette.  The second color scheme, I used modern, stylish, tech and nature and the photo with lights to create the basis of my colors.  I also included a gray scale version to show how the logo could be printed on a monochrome printer.



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