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Bike Book Color Palette Proposals


For the first color palette, I based my initial inspiration off of some of the colors that occur naturally in nature, and then I made them more exciting. Primarily I was thinking of the water that you'd be able to ride next to on the coast, as well as the sky that you would see on a beautiful day, perfect for bike riding. I propose a bit brighter turquoise to give the brand a bit more of an exciting feeling, and less of a calm blue. 


This color palette was inspired by the Brooklyn bridge photo. I wanted to stick with a bolder and darker color scheme, without making the colors too dark. This palette feels a bit more refined and mature than the first palette, while still having the fun brighter purple for a pop of color. People who rent their bikes from Bike Book are looking for an out of the ordinary experience - somewhat magical I'd dare say. As purple is the color of magic, I feel that this color scheme would work well for this brand. 


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