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Harouth Arthur Mekhjian

Visual Designer



Bighorn Sheep Mark



Reference Image:

There area quite a few good images in here and it was extremely hard to choose one for my mark. In the end I decided to go with the one below as it had the best outline and the whole body was on a single plane rather that the head looking somewhere else.


Started of with some very rough and quick doodles in order to manage to get familiar with the anatomy of the animal and the flow of the body,I was mainly looking at the muscularity of the body.

After a lot of frustration and a few dozen rubish sketches I narrowed it down to this general concept.

Looking at the sketch I was having trouble visualizing the negative spaces that I had in mind since the sketch was only in outlines so I just grabbed a sharpie and started filling in the forms.

Started developing some of the elements using the trasparent paper.

I was finally happy with the out come of the sketching phase and used this sketch below as a reference for my vector mark.

Vectorizing the sketch:

So after getting the general shapes traced out I started playing around with some variations since I wasn't quite happy with some of the leg and horn elements. At the end I ended up with these 4 versions. Personally number 2 is my favorite so I decided to add a bt of quick rough typography to see how it would look.

There is still a tonn of refining that needs to be done and some of the curves need to be smoothed out . Aslo I haven't gotten around to gridding the whole thing. I would very much appreciate some feedback from you guys!


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