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Yvonne Radley

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Bigging You Up

Tom's Shoes really struck a cord with me and my project is inspired by that story. I'm Yvonne Radley, a journalist and mother, a story teller since the age of 3 when I talked non-stop and this project has been a driving force in my life for a long time.

Two things happened in my life that had a profound effect on me.

1: I nearly drown in the sea aged 9

2: I saw a journalist reporting on the Ethiopian famine of 1973 when I was 10

The first made me realise every day was a bonus and you should live life to the full.

The second made me realise some people didn't have a choice and needed someone to fight their corner for them. My love of journalism and the power of the media started here.

After a successful career for 25 years I have now turned to teaching others how to benefit from the media. I show Fit Pros how to get in the media and they buy coaching and modules from me.

My plan is a simple one.

Every time someone learns from us by buying a course we will pay for a child in Africa to go to school for a year.

****Work In Progress*****

1: Big Me Up Media teaches Fit Pros how to get publicity to make them the Go-To Expert in their town - attracting more clients and more money so they can afford to do nice things with their family. We sell bespoke PR, coaching, and The Press Club, a done for you Press Release out every month.

2:  Your answers to the 11 questions outlined in Unit 2 to provide clarity on your role (and power) as marketer.

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2: 11 Questions

  1. 3.)  The 3 P's you'll prioritize to be the backbone of your marketing plan, and why. All of them are important, but which three will you obsess over? For example, if you choose Pavlov, explain why your emphasis on aligning with existing consumer emotions is worth your focus and how it will lead to the breakthrough you seek.

  2. 4.)  Of the 50+ action theory concepts we've covered, the top concepts you'll use to generate Emotion, cause Change, earn the privilege to Alert and encourage people to Share.

  3. 5.)  A 2-3 sentence articulation of your marketing point of view. Include what you stand for and what you're trying to accomplish. (And what you don’t and won’t do).

  4. 6.)  The story you'll use to seduce your tribe and start your movement. Your story can be written, visual or both - whatever you think will be the most effective way of communicating to your fellow students what you’ve got in mind.

This is a great opportunity to invite your colleagues along—this class works best when shared. 


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