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BigShot Robot Clothing

      After doing alot of deep thinking I decided to go ahead and shoot for a local line that goes by the name of "BigShot Robot." While filming a short documentary for a local boutique I came across this brand, and took an immediate liking to it. I think it was their headwear that caught my eye. The BigShot logo also really grabbed my attention, it is simple but yet sparks a vast amount of curiousity, well atlease it did for me. I thought to myself,"What the hell is a BigShot Robot", it was weird in a cool way, and the name just totally sounded good. I decided to embark on a quest to track these designers down and pick their brains.  I had to know rhe meaning behind that "bear" character/logo that I seen on a few of the t- shirts, it was something about it that atrracted me. 

        After a few weeks "metioning" and networking with each other via twitter; we finally met on a chilly night at a coffee shop in Milwaukee's eastside. I must say we did have a lot in common, which sort of started a "Vonnie Que$t & BigShot Robot" collaboration. Here are the results from that chilly night at "Fuel" coffee shop.

Here are some images that inspired the BigShot Robot shoot.


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