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Big head & Crow

Once upon a time there was a boy that had a big head. 

His head was so huge that he could not go throw a door, he couldn't even wear a shirt if it didn't had buttons.

He would trip and fall all the time because he was never really able to balance himself and was considered very strange and clumsy.

Everyone shunned him and the boy was very lonely.


One day, a black crow landed on his head and refused to fly away

And because of this, the boy tried to banish the crow but could not because his hands were too short.

And because of that, the crow built a nest on the boy's head and the boy was glad to finally have a friend.

The boy bothered crow all the time, trying to play with him and shit..

Until finally the crow got angry and poked the boy's head and all the air came rushing out of the boy's head, shrinking it to a empty head...

The crow flew off And ever since the boy was Isolated and punctured

who didn't even had an evil crow to keep him company.


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