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Big bad nesting wolf and nesting riding hood


First of all thank you for this beautifully made class! I admire your style and love your work. You got yourself a big fan in Poland:) All of the presented methods and creatin steps were not only "eye opening" but also helped me a lot in understanding how the watercolour can work in a very controlled way.

When I started my project, I wanted to paint a nesting doll with a french bulldog inside...I thought it would look pretty cute, though some other ideas kept piling on and I have decided to make a themed "Red Riding Hood" nesting dolls. I wanted to make them look like the original nesting dolls with a little twist.

I have started with 2 sketches of the wolf and the red riding hood dolls. 

Please excuse my sketches, I am not very good at making those, although I am planning to practice more and more this year. 

So here are both sketches (don't laugh)...:)

Big bad wolf in disguise


and little freckled riding hood


And here are coloured versions. I have not used any pre-planned pallete...A just went with the flow.

Also, I have improvised a little bit with the flowers. I probably should have laid them out better before i started painting but I just went with the flow. Sorry for the bad pictures. 




I had a lot of fun creatig those. I am planning to practice and practice and practice :)

Thank you for making my evening pleasant and creative :)


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