Big Jaws

I really like big jawed creatures and I've had a concept for one of them in my head for a long time. A creature that digs up earth with its jaws and filters the earth to get its food. 

Anyway I was thinking it could filter like whales using baleens or rigged hairs to filter small creatures out. 

The creature has cheek sacks just like hamsters have this is were the dirt goes to. In these cheek sacks are  a few holes or splits with the baleens or rigged hairs in them.

The creature needs to shake it head rapidly so the earth passes thue the baleens or hair and the critter stay inside and get stuck.

Anyway here are my first sketches. I'm not sure if it's going to be reptilian, avian or a mammel, I also tried a fish.

I had some busy weeks. Anyway I found some time today to refine the sketches and look for some interestig bodyshapes.

I'm still not tollay happy with the sketches, so I'm doing some studies to get a better idea for what i want and maybe come up with the right body and shape.

I made a ref sheet, and i've started doing some studies based on it.

I really like to give the creature a rough skinn and a interesting head, so I started with a studie on a rhino's head. 

The next thing I want to do is make a studie on plating. Maybe by combining the rhino's with the pangolin and see from there.


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