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Big Fish!!! (I know you know it)

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I am in a new path on regaining my passions. Arts.

It has been a while ago (about 10 years) that I stopped painting, drawing and music. I still remember how these arts kept me moving forward. But when my career expectations failed I decided, heartbroken, to resign graphic design. (I still remember it was my 30th birthday.)
After my mom's passing and my current health condition, I realized that life it's too fragile, brief and unexpected to waste on any opportunity that may come by; and I began my new route towards a graphic design career and to find the muse again.
That is why I started this class. I am trying to learn from my prior mistakes. One of them is lack of discipline.

Sketchbook Magic Day 1

I've chosen (with open eyes) a pencil. It's a very powerful tool for me. It has a purity to it; an organic connection; an honest display of creativity. (Any display of creativity is honest, I'm just trying to be somehow poetic; writing is a hobby of mine.)


Then I thought that was a kind of lazy attempt (I was kind of sleepy when I did it) that I did another one, been a little less lazy. I was thinking on the movie of "Big Fish", 'cause I saw the actor in another movie, and then all the fish images came to my mind (Disney, cartoons, other movies...) and I made this.


Sketchbook Magic Day 2

My Day 2 took me four days after feeling sad with my Mom's birthday. Too many things going on in only 4 weeks. This is a sketch for the chalkboard sign I want to create for my "coffee station" that I've arranged in my new apartment (Yes, I moved recently. Now you understand why the overwhelmed feeling.)


I tottally side track from my exercises of daily scketch. I am trying to chhange my bad habits and practice more. After my exercise at the #CooperHewitt Museum at the #DesignofPixar I decided it is an excellent practice for creativity and imagination.


Jan 14/16




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