Big Fish Badges

Big Fish Badges - student project


I have recently worked on a word list of the main things from the movie that really stood out to me. Sorry if you can't read everything from my scanned in sketches/ word list! I know that my sketches aren't very detailed or good, but they were just to get my thoughts on paper. Once I've chosen which badges to work from, they'll look better. 

Let me know what your thoughts are and which badges I should start working on! Thanks!

Big Fish Badges - image 1 - student projectBig Fish Badges - image 2 - student project

I have been wanting to incorporate Big Fish in my artwork for quite some time, so now is the perfect opportunity to do that. There are so many interesting, creative and imaginative elements from the movie that could really help me create some awesome badges. 

So far, I have a couple of badges from the movie that I know I would like to design, so I'll be posting my sketchings soon. I'm really looking forward to start creating!