Big Eyes

Hi, I am a grphic designer from Austria. I work for a T-Shirt company called Tsukini and now i am starting my own Graphic Design business. I want to say thanks to skillshare it  is good to be here.

My Logo Project is for a client who offers canyoning, ski tours, climbing tours... All Outdoor sports that you can do in the mountains.

Big eyes should describe the feeling of the customers when they make climbing tours... 
The client like it when he see that his customers are astonished when they visiting his tours.
So he asked me if i could make a logo you can see this.

The Logo should show big eyes, motivating power. It should activate the people to join his courses, It should show that they are professionals and that they are manually supported, He told me that he also likes comics.

So i start with my research and scetching.



After a while of sketching and thinking i began to work with illustrator and made this versions:

After a while working in Illustrator i ve picked this two styles:

Today i show it to my customer and he really liked the first version. Now i will make the final artwork.
Maybe i will change a few things and reduce it maybe a little more. What do you mean?

I will update the final artwork soon. Thanks for all comments... have a nice day and sorry for my bad english ;)

after a meeting with my client he said that he want afraid eyes instead of this one eyeand that he do not need the mountains... the only thing he insists on was the thing with the frightening eyes. 

So i made these designs:


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