Christopher Smith

Writer, Designer, Photographer



Big Expressions on Cartoons


I decided to do a mix of new and old influences on my art for my influence map. I realised I like a mix of the big expressions of cartoons and repeated sort of doodle line art like Starry Night. 

1. Starry Night by Vincent Von Gogh: My favorite painting

2. It's Kind of a Funny Thing: A drawing from the movie based on the book of the same name. I just like the line art and stencil style of the artwork

3. Baby Blues Comics

4. Adventure Time: From the Food Chain episode which is one of my favorites which was guest animated by Masaaki Yuasa

5. Rugrats

6. Chibis: I use to draw a lot of chibis in middle school and Teen Titans and Totally Spies were some of my favorites to draw

7. Legend of Korra

8. Zits Comics

9. Lilo and Stitch: A movie that mixes both these style into a great film


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