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Big Dreams... Faltering Mojo

I am a small business entrepreneur.  I make specialty flavored teas.

I've been doing it for seven years now and I'm still not really financially successful.  (If I didn't have an extremely supportive and understanding wife, I probably would be out of business by now several times over).  I keep trying because I am doggedly determined to make it work.  They say failure is the best teacher, and if that's the case, I should be well on my way to being an expert.

The thing is that I'm very quick to try new things.  If something isn't working, I try something else.  A former partner of mine once remarked that I fling more shit at the wall than anyone he ever met, and I just coolly replied that if you fling enough, some of it is bound to stick.  The problem is that in making all of these various attempts, I've bogged myself down with responsibilities that may or may not be the most valuable use of my time.

I'm also hopelessly disorganized and always working in five or six opposite directions at once.

Things have gotten to the point where I am developing weird social anxieties and becoming cranky with my family.  I get so stressed about everything that I have to do that I don't even want to log in to Facebook in my down time because I'm afraid someone might want something of me and I don't want to have anything (however slight) added to my plate.

It is time.  It is past time.  I need to do something to get my life and tasks and obligations in order so I can keep what's left of my sanity.  I need to get my mojo back.

These are my scores:

I just "finished" creating my list of open loops.  I say "finished" because I'm sure it will never be finished, though I added everything I could think of.  

I notice that it does seem to relieve some of the stress just making the list.  Just being able to get it out of my head really does help.



I barely got started and I fell off the bandwagon.  I had things that I urgently needed to take care of and I did without utilizing my system.  I might have to go back to step one.  =(


So, I'm back at it again, and I'm a little confused regarding the next physical action business.  One of my goals is to Exhibit at the World Tea Expo.  To do that, I'm planning to run a Kickstarter campaign to raise some money to make it happen.  To do that, I need to finish fulfilling the rewards from my last successful Kickstarter.  To do that, I need to receive label stock from my supplier.  So, I guess my next physical action would be to call my supplier and find out the status on my label stock order.  So, if I put that to do in a project called "Exhibit at the World Tea Expo" and then I worry I'll look at it later and wonder how on earth that relates to the WTE.  Worse, I've lost track of the goals in between.  Am I supposed to nest the projects or something, so I know where I'm going with all of this?

ETA:  Also wondering if there is a way to add areas of responsibility to Todoist


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