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Big Daddy

Whilst keeping with the nautical theme I decided to cheat a little and go for a stylized version of the most iconic character from my most favourite video game of all time (Bioshock). Now I say cheat because the Big Daddy wears a helment so that means I dont get distracted by facial details.

So here were the first few ideas for how to exagerate the overall appearance of the BD. Originally I was going to add little sisters.. but that would have meant designing two characters and I really just wanted to move things ahead so I kept it simple.


After looking at all of these I finally settled on the last one and was genuinly pleased with it.. until the rendering stage when I realise that I had just stoled the pose from Matt's Pirate (the example) but ah well it at least helped me move forward in the design. I was originally worried that my lack of detail in this larger /clearer sketch were going to make things harder in illustrator, but thankfully there were no issues.


So yeah this was just the illustrator phase and I've got to tell you, I hate illustrator. But that being said after this project I think I may eventually grow to like it.. well maybe like is too strong a word. Tollerate.


For the final render I spent my time focusing on colours which matched the BD's orignal pallet and then added in some colours that made me think of old diving equipment (so nice rusty blues and oranges) using watercolour texture brushes from:


Then for funzies I tried my hand at adding a background using a free texture that I found online.

So yeah the next course I need to take is one for backgrounds xD


Thank you SO much for this course Matt. This is the exact style that I have been looking to emulate and learn from for YEARS. I've still got a lot to learn but this has at least de-mistified alot of it. So glad I decided to take this course and I shall be recomending it everywhere that I post this image.

EDIT: Ok I couldnt help myself, here's a little sister :D



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