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Big Box, Little Box, Vanishing Point.

Hey guys, it's nice to meet you all.

I'm Winston, a British Chinese artist based in the North East of England. I have a fineart background and went on to study Graphic Design at University. Due to a number of reasons I wasn't able to complete my course but I still - and always have - loved to draw and communicate with visual media. I have since been trying to balance helping out the family, looking for work and honing my skills.

– – – – –

So anyway, I remember learning about perspective at school but I thought I'd start from the bottom up as if I had no prior knowledge at all. My main problems are my environments can seem rigid and lack character, and I can't integrate characters well into background/environments.

After watching the first few videos I began sketching and doodling. I always start my work traditionally rather than head straight onto the laptop. However, I felt that I was too stiff with a ruler in hand so I swiftly switched over to a digital medium.

So here's the first practice piece (uploaded 06/02/14):

This was meant to be a quick one, taking in things I picked up from the videos but I ended up spending more time than I had intended. Probably put in too much detail (all those books!)

I like how this turned out but it still feels a little rigid, cold and every thing is a little too boxy. My favourite part is the little step-ladder. I did have some trouble placing the vanishing points for it though (amazing tip from Matt; never could get these objects right before watching the vids) – at first I placed them too close together so it came out distorted but I think I got it in the end.

Next I'll do a piece with 2-point perspective and another with 3. I'll try to be a little quicker and not spend too much time on them.

As for the final piece for this project... I have no idea yet. I'll keep thinking about it while I practice more.

So yeah, thanks for looking. If you want to see more of my stuff or whatnot then you can check out my tumblr, which has links to other places you can find me.

Also just wanted to say a huge thanks to Matt for putting all of this together. I've been a huge fan of your work for a long time and I jumped at the chance to be taught by you. Here's to you, Matt - wishing you all the best in the new job and stuffs.

– – – – –

Had some time to work on a second practice piece. Purpose of doing these are just to get comfortable with some of the things Matt has gone through in the videos. Still no solid ideas for the final illustration yet.

Second practice piece (uploaded 10/02/14):

I whipped this one out a lot quicker.

I tried to add some organic elements so it didn't feel too stiff or rigid; I struggled placing the tree a little. I think I may need to do some exercises of breaking down complex things into simple shapes and volumes. Definitely a lot looser though and little more expressive than the first practice.

Something else that was difficult was that space where the street ends, near the horizon line. It was really hard to get right and for a while that space was left blank... 

I was also going to add a car or something but I didn't want to put much more time into this one. 

Onto the 3-point perspective practice next. And to think of some ideas for the final illustration.

May be a little busy this week though.

Any critique, feedback, areas of improvements would be much appreciated :)


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