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Big Bang Theory: "I'm gonna show you how we finish a quest in Nebraska"

The Big Bang Theory: Season 4 Episode 19 – The Zarnecki Incursion

I grew up in North Dakota so I identify with the character of Penny more than I should admit. I think this episode also showcases her maternal instinct to take care of her little geeks. I love when she wears the pants in certain situations and this episode is my favorite example. Let's just say, "This is how we would finish a quest in North Dakota too".

My first thoughts are to make a poster that resembles a classic poster for a boxer or politician with Penny being the main focus. I would also like to include her geeks, the ostrich and of course the Batleth. The examples given in the resources however have inspired me to push the concept further.

Stay tuned! Sketches to come!

This is the scene that I am creating into a poster.

Here is some inspiration I have found along the way. I especially like the fan art on the left. I also favor the way the Life Aquatic Poster keeps the focus on the hero character through color differentiations. For more of my inspiration you can check out a pinterest board I have made for this project.

These are my favorite thumbnails. My favorites are 4 & 6 and here is why-

1. Graphically powerful but you really miss out on who the characters are. I don't think it is immediately recognizeable.

2. I am not a huge fan of making Zarnecki a part of the poster. He isn't as valuable of a character to me as all the rest. He is the source of conflict but not immediately recognizeable to an audience.

3. Same problem as 2.

4. Penny is the hero. I really want to have her as the main focus. The poster focuses on after the fact and I think graphic easter eggs can be hidden in a graphic border of some kind.

5. I have come to realize this looks like penny actually stabber Zarnecki to death...

6. Penny is still the Hero and the boys are still in the back, but I really like the break up of the poster graphically with strong text.

Please let me know what you think!


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