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Lucy Gow

Aspiring illustrator



Big Bad Wolf chasing a little pig

I drew a kind of scribbly picture a while ago (my son asked me to draw a picture of a scene from the Three Little Pigs where the wolf is chasing the pig and the pig is frightened). It's very scribbly but I liked the pig.

I just wanted to do a silly picture for this assignment so I could learn the technique. I'm sorry it didn't end up in the nice style like the teacher's, but I think that was maybe just how this picture is and I am happy with having learned the techniques. I am looking forward to trying some more pictures.


I redrew it in black pen and changed the wolf quite a bit to make the picture squarer and make him look furry. This is my cleaned up image of that (it looks pretty much exactly like the pen version):


Then I colored the pig outlines using the first technique of adding a layer of color and the wolf outlines using the lock technique:e1d0f2a7

But it wasn't very clear (even with different colors) so I colored it in as well and this is what I ended up with.




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