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Big Ass Job Rejection

Final video:

Let me preface by saying this isn't a tv or movie quote (but I feel like it could be). We rejected a candidate for a position, and I used his amazing response for this kinetic type project.

How it all started – my boss mentioned how funny it would be if we could make this man's response to a job rejection come to life. I couldn't pass up animating it. However, I needed to learn how to animate! I knew I loved the kinetic type videos, and this email response would be perfect in that style. I hopped onto Skillshare to see how much I could learn (cram), and this class was PERFECT. 

I started by creating the individual illustrations in Illustrator. Looking back, a storyboard would have been a better start, but you live and you learn. I wanted the words to speak for themselves, so I sprinkled in a few illustrations to support the text.

Next, I needed sound! We have a video team in-house, and they are able to record voiceovers. Win!

I then layed out each of my "slides". I wanted to see how the text would be divided out with the flow of the voiceover, along with the supporting image. I did this in After Effects. I also did not use individual compositions. Rookie move, and not a smart one. This adds a ton of work, and most of you might be saying "What an idiot!" and I completely agree with you, but NOW I KNOW! You have to fail to succeed, right? :)

Next, I dabbled with the text animations and flow of the piece before timing everything up. It wasn't until I started getting piece by piece set when I realized many animations had to change. What I thought might work on it's own needed to be re-done to fit the flow. That was a tad tedious. My brain wasn't used to working with motion.

When I had all of the text animations set and timed to the voiceover, I moved to the camera. I thought I saw the light at the end of the tunnel with my text animations being completed, but I was WRONG! Man, that camera is a beast. Especially when the class assignment was a quick bit of text. I did bite off a lot, but I was able to chew it...slowly. 

In summary, this was a perfect first After Effects project for me. I dug in, got my hands dirty and MADE STUFF MOVE! How exciting. I learned a lot about the basics, which got me to dabble in some of the harder stuff. It really takes working through a big project like this to give you the confidence to work on another, and another. Since this project, I have done another After Effects piece (and have more in my queue!). My project workflow has gotten significantly better, and I'm more confident in my skill level.

Thank you, Jake! I look forward to taking more classes!

– Created by Meg (I'm logged in as Chris – he's my co-worker)


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