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The mood board's not complete because I'm still working on some text, and possibly a quote.


1. Knightfall Action Figure Series 1 Bane 

Why is he in the center? Because this toy idea isn't going to be just your cute average run of the mill toy. NOPE, it will include muscles on top of muscles. 



2. Handy Smurf with various tools in several different poses, positions. 

  • I tried working on my juxtoposition for this project using action figure super villain Bane and a good ole wholesome Smurf which is a toy with nice soft edging and almost Mickey mouse like features.

 3. Koibito Art figure by Yoskay Yamamoto

  •  One of the characters will have a fish head. Yoskay Yamamoto’s website:


4. Jaws Art figure by Mark Landwehr

5. Donald Ross "Scribe" Art work called: Party Shark, 2011 Acrylic, ink, color pencil, and spray paint 9"x12" 

  • Some motivational art on how to create a somewhat abstract cutesy/shocking drawing. 
  • Scribe incorporates humor and play in the conveyance of serious messages regarding personal integrity, attainment of knowledge, and adventure. Scribe can be found here:

6. James "JIMBOT" Demski's Art work: Sea Voyage, 2010, Acrylic on hardboard, 11"x14"

  • JIMBOT's really good at adding emotion to robots and I will focus on his robots in order to get the same sort of emotion into one of the other toys. JIMBOT can be found here:

7. Jeff Soto's Art work: Fall Waves, 2006, Acrylic on canvas, 30" x 24"

  • Jeff Soto's work seems to incorporate a nice juxtaposition with the gloomy/doom and a somewhat brighter side of things. I would like to attempt to incorporate a similar aesthetic. Jeff Soto can be found here:


Here is the essential story line to my mood board if your interested and have even read this far.

Handy Smurf & Smark BIFFLES with a CATastrophe ROBOT

Handy Smurf and Smark the Shark have decided they would band together and create a robot.

In theory their creation would end up becoming the next generation of robot pets for children.

Their creation is supposed to be kitten like but they find that both Smark and Handy Smurf create nothing but catastrophe and they create a monster. Smark has a hard time interpreting Handy Smurf's idea of what a Robot Kitten in Loaf position is, because he has never seen a cat before.

Billy Bob Loo is the monstrous cat creations name and it has an affinity for chewing on only it's masters, Handy Smurf and Smark.

But as time passes they find that they become attached to the abomination.

So for my Juxtaposition I've chosen a Shark and a Smurf to combine.

More specifically a toy tiger shark I've drawn and Handy Smurf.



 My first sketch of Bruto 11/24/13

 My first sketch of Handy 11/24/13

My first sketch of Billy Bob Loo 11/25/13

I will next work with making the three characters similar to one another, perhaps giving them larger heads with a pronounced toothy smile and giving they all similar eyes. Then making a 360 degree sketch of them all.


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