Bible verse zine

Bible verse zine - student project

One of the things I enjoy is illustrating Bible verses. So I thought it might be nice to make a little zine with small simplified versions of some of these illustrations. My church is currently doing a series on the book of John, so this zine has illustrations of Jesus' 7 "I am" sayings in John. This means that one of them has to go on the back, but I think that's OK. I thought I could give out copies to some friends at church.

Bible verse zine - image 1 - student project


Some questions:

* Using pencil: I tried using pencil to add some shading but it didn't come out in the photocopy. I suppose I could change the photocopier settings, but I expect that would make the paper look a bit dirty. Any suggestions? Has anyone tried using pencil?

* Colour: I thought it might be nice to add a little bit colour, but that means either (expensive) colour photocopying or colouring by hand, which isn't that time-consuming (if it's very simple colour) but does add time. Any suggestions? Have any of you tried colour? Here's what it might look like coloured by hand:

Bible verse zine - image 2 - student project

* Collage: I just couldn't figure out how to use collage effectively in a one page zine that needs to be copied on a black and white photocopier. Any ideas?

* The inside of the zine: I didn't hvae enoguh time or ideas to do anything on the inside, but it might be a nice idea if I could think of something.