Though I use Illustrator on a regular basis I tend to steer clear of the pen tool wherever I can because I am just not practiced enough at it - I tend to use too many points, my bezier handle usage is poor and my curves are always a bit wonky. I thought it was time that I reconciled with it and had a play around with this class. Illustrator crashed on me once and I hadn't saved, which meant I had to start again which was probably a good exercise in itself. I kept my text pretty simple but would like to try it again sometime with some more interesting type styles and arrangements.


How many ways can Bianca draw the letter B? 


I didn't do anything very interesting with my lettering except for the curly 'B'. 


Not perfect, but curves not too wonky!


This class definitely helped my confidence with the pen tool. I'd like to practice more and try my hand at more sophisticated shapes. 


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