Beyond "Good Enough": Getting past "good enough" and onto a better, more productive way of doing business and leading your life

I make my living as an entertainer and speaker. (I hear a collective "so what!")

As a small business I've found the only way to beat out the competition and excell in my field is to not be just "good enough" but to go Beyond that.

Here's the funny thing...it doesn't take that much! Most of my competitiors (and yours too) are all about "me, me, me" and "here's what I do, here's why I'm great, here's why you should give me your money".

But by working smarter AND harder, by clearly defining your goals and focusing on the client, the customer, you can go beyond "good enough".

Doing things like:

Having a clearly defined goal

Embracing the Kaizen principle

Discovering the right actions to take

Overcoming "resistance"

Learning how to NEVER FAIL AGAIN (oh you heard me!)


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