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Beyond Goals and Good Intentions - Building a Resolution You can Keep

Have you ever set a goal or made a resolution (think back to last New Year?) with a solid conviction that this would be your time to change the course of your life for the better?

Perhaps you even shared this moment with your friends, loved ones, coworkers...

Then a few months later have you had the opportunity to wistfully, regretfully think back to that exciting moment of resolve only to shrug it off and carry on with life as usual? 

What I'd like to help you achieve with this course is a way to take a resolution - something that you feel is worth doing- and make it difficult not to achieve. As a class project you will get the chance to craft a concrete resolution that is possible to achieve an not just a vague wish or hope. You'll then build an objective cycling strategy and use if for the following four weeks. This strategy is built to side-step the psychological pitfalls built in to most long term plans (uncertain path and reward) and focuses building on short term, clearly achievable objectives that will lead you down the right path to success.

In this class you will create and share "A Resolution You Can Keep" along with a couple of additional deliverables: 

1- A Resolution You Can Keep - A concrete statement that provides the specifics of what you want to achieve along with the who, where, what, when and why that make this resolution one you can truly have confidence in your ability to complete.

2- Resolution Objectives (Mini Goals) -  The path to achieving your resolution can usually be divided into several distinct pieces -Objectives- that you will write out the who, where, what, when and why to make sure these are also achievable.

3- Your Weekly Resolution Cycle Plan - Depending on the size of your Resolution and number of Objectives, you'll plan the first four week of your journey toward achieving your Resolution.  Each week you'll submit an assessment and revision of the next week.  

I look forward to helping you achieve your Resolutions, see you in class!

Here is the class outline:

Here is my first shot -- after many takes :) -- of my introduction video. Appreciate your feedback!


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