Beware of dog?

Beware of dog? - student project

When I was out one night shooting street photography I started thinking about how street artists go through some of the same struggles that we all face in our careers and our lives. 

Easily accessible along the streets are the large murals, mostly unoriginal copies of copies. This is the safe spot. yet to be able to write or paint there, you need a permit from that owner. This forces a beaurocracy. An elitism in the art world that has spread into something that used to be counter to the mainstream, something that was previously raw and had a message. 

If you venture beyond that you run into dangers. or do you? we are often told to not go too far beyond our circles, outside of client expectations, outside of what is know, etc. This is the case with street art, if you go too far not only will fewer people see your art, but you might run into more danger. Does this not sound like our lives?

In my investigation of street art spanning over 3 years I have seen some of the most innovative work hidden. The art that you see on the street is the equivalent of McDonalds, a quick treat for the masses, those too scared to venture farther, those too poor in spirit to discover further.

Along my journey I see an old warehouse full of graffitti. I also notice the sign warning about guard dogs. They were actually rather friendly and playful if you treat them properly. Just like in our lives, often what we are told to watch out for is a matter of you choose to handle it.

The people that often are believed to be our enemies can be leveraged for benefits sometimes more than friends, or at the least their effect can become neutral. My inspiration for this thought was from reading a book that was a collection of teachings by buddhist teachers. 

As I set out in my journey that night I ran across these dogs. Stayed there for a while observing their behaviour and then kept going. 

Beware of dog? - image 1 - student project

That was when I ran into a bus at the end of the road. From there I refelcted not only on why that bus was there, that bus transported many people, but to where? wher did they go and why were they there. We can all be pushed to our limit, but what we do from there will be up to us. Just like the occupants of that bus.


Beware of dog? - image 2 - student project

I stood there both in awe and disgust of the city in the background. On one hand safety and comforts, on the other: mediocrity and meaningless repition.

So i looked away. There I saw obstacles preventing movement. Both a warning but a restriction was this dirt wall. Over it a promise. 

Beware of dog? - image 3 - student project

For a street artist, a beautfiul background as one paints.  A new journey, a new beginning.

Similar to how we look for recreating who we are. We first have to venture outside of the safe space. Once there we will have to observe our new surroundings and create a new vistion, a new purpose.

Beware of dog? - image 4 - student project

We see familiarity in the distance, but we must remain in the moment and dedicate oursleves to our own vision. We must venture into the dark and create a new light.

Beware of dog? - image 5 - student project