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Between selling, social media and forgetting to enjoying.

Thanks Christine for sharing your experience with all of us and for inspire us to keep in mind to still creating for our own joy.

My old definition of success:

For a long time I decide to get into all these cycle of trying to promote my drawing and paintings to being sell, with the main purpose of get an art selling kind of life. And then I get into other cycle of creating content for social media and try to get recognized.

By that time I realize that drawing and painting was not fun anymore, because I was trying so hard to promote in each media, writing to online magazines and so and so. I start to get unmotivated, without inspiration, struggling with all this infinite sea of content, forgetting that the main idea of sharing my work was to be myself, showing up how I perceive my environment, my dreams, my feelings and my thoughts.

To making short this story, some months ago, I deleted most of my social media accounts and free myself of all that feeling that maybe my drawings and paints were ugly, that nobody liked it to much to buy it.

My new definition of success:

So now I decide to start over, but with a new way of thinking and enjoy my art. I start to order my sketchbooks, my illustrations, my paints, get back to basic and start to enjoy again each process in my drawings, enjoy to keep learning from others, enjoy practicing each tutorial I take. Now I like to wake up and just create something daily and upload in my tumblr when I have time to do it, I share my creations just for fun, just to know that I still creating the stuff I like.

I like to collaborate with other people creating fanzines, illustrations and animations. I'll leave some links here and my email if anyone want to work in any project and have fun creating.

email: [email protected]


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