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Between The Sips

Your advice on my project is very much appreciated.

Creative Brief


1)   Background: An online platform for discussing social issues by allowing society members to express their opinions and share their ideas about those issues


2)   Objective: To encourage intellectual conversations amongst the community, and positively transform the mindset of society members 


3)   Target Audience: Citizens (men and women) of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries, between the ages of 18 and 50, who are educated, and willing to contribute positively to the society


4)   Message: Intellectual opinions for a powerful positive impact in the community


5)   Competition: Influential social media users

6)   Distinguishing Characteristics:  One platform. All opinions  are heard. The 1st platform of its kind in the region

7)   Creative Considerations: Avoid gradients in colors. No slogan, only the name of the project

8)   Tone or Keywords: Modern-vintage. Straight-forward. Simple. Open-minded. Factual. Intelligent, creative, informative, artistic




it should look like a cup of tea/coffee from the top, but also gives the impression that it's a "call-out", since the project focuses on conversations.

I would appreciate your opinions on the logo and the colors. Which logo do you like best?

Please let me know if you have any insights on this.

Many thanks!


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