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Between Here and There

My name is Trent Bellet and I am taking this class for two reasons: One understanding the process of creating a stylized figure through making a (possibly, hopefully, maybe?) successful webcomic. The second part is to chronicle the day to day of my life.
So with that in mind I decided that the web comic I intend to build will address my life as it is currently, in the weird grey mush between postgrad life and whatever comes next. Coming from a time where I was always rushing around without a second to breathe to almost overwhelming freedom it has been an interesting transition and i would like to draw froms those experiences shared by many in the postgrad life. 

Btw. Sarah A, I've always seen your stuff around on Tumblr and its some fantastic work so it's an absolute pleasure getting to learn from you.

Well here's to everyone having success in their assignment! I will post updates as they come, currently working on my sketches and will post tonight.


Trent B

Update 1:

I forgot this was something I did last night for a part 1 of the assignment, I plan on making a digital sketch with a body later tonight!

Update 2 (with assignment part 2)

Here is what I have for my character turn around with a few roughs for expressions. Getting to focus on making a character and repeatedly drawing it really has not only help me get a feel of what I do or do not want my character to be, but also helping my abilities on the tablet. 

Character wise I wanted to make him tall and lanky, with a large head, medium sized eyes and a very large fro. In the comics The attire for the character is leaning towards a slightly disheveled appearance. I saw that the Batmana project did some work with coloring the character, including a palette which I would like to delve into more. I will keep updating as I make progress on this and onto part 3 of the assignment.




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