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Betty Page Meets Frank Castle

All right, here goes nothing. After looking around for some inspiration, I had thought in my head about a crime fighting superheroine with sort of a betty page meets the punisher type of look. Maybe she's in a scene all guns blazing fighting some sort of villans. The goal for me here is to get help depicting a character or scene with a really strong sense of motion... on with the sketches..

Step 1. Pick your tools..

  • Well the end product will be digital, but the here and now... Mechanical pencil, F lead, I also like to sketch with red pencil also for thumbs and such..  My choice of paper, just the normal black cover sketchbook paper, maybe normal copy paper.

Step 2..Rough Character Ideas

  • So finally got some time to put some initial thoughts on paper. Ive tried to mimic the process being outlined so I've just put some quick sketches and rough ideas on a page similar to what you've got going on the project assignment stage at number 2. Don't know if Im ready to execute the full idea yet because the whole scene isn't fully developed in my head. Would love help coming up with some Ideas. Maybe she's taking down a bunch of gun toting villans. I'm sort of a fan of those forshortened flying through the air type scenes so maybe shes in mid jump with guns in both hands..who knows. On a side note,  I do feel my characters come out very stiff looking. I also wish my lines had a bit more continuity. Anyway any suggestions or crits very welcome. Feel free to rip this apart.


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