Bettina’s Writing Adventures


Who am I?

1. Introvert

2. Cubs fan and underdog champion

3. Empathetic

4. Civic-minded 

5. Funny.


What do I have to offer?

1. Weekly writing prompts.

2. Writing strategy posts.

3. Review novels.


Merge them!

As a life-long introvert - and yes, that is a good quality - I have hidden extrovert superpowers that only reveal themselves when I rush to the aid of an underdog. Since writing a novel can make anyone feel like they’re being bullied by their own project, this website (and links on Twitter and Facebook) will provide you with weekly writing prompts and strategies, and the opportunity to have your finished novel reviewed.




Who is my target audience? 

-Fans of science fiction and fantasy. Most of my stories have a coming-of-age element or an overarching mystery to solve. The main character’s are adults or new adults.


What services will I provide?

-In addition to the writing prompts, reviews, and posts mentioned above, I will announce milestones in my ongoing writing projects and invite people to share their successes as well.


Where will the content be posted?

-On a blog that I need to rename/rebrand. ‘From the writer’s garrett’ is descriptive, but you need to be a Nathaniel Hawthorne fan to know what a garrett is.

-Writing prompts will be uploaded to Twitter and Facebook weekly as well as to the blog.


When will the content be posted?

-Every Saturday morning.


How are you going to spread the word?

-Add links to my blog and Twitter and Facebook information to the bottom of my NaNoWriMo posts. Not overbearing, just there if people want to use the resources.

-Mention the blog and resources in my writing group.



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