Better than Yesterday...

The title pretty much says it all... I just want to be better, and do better, than yesterday.  

I tend to beat myself up if I make bad food choices, or don't exercise, and so I need to remind myself that those things are going to happen.  I'm not perfect...just continue to work on improving, on moving forward and do my best to make better choices than I did the day before.

My goals for this year...

  • Run a 5k
  • Do a pull up!
  • Reduce my body fat percentage to at least 25% 
  • Eat a Paleo/Primal diet as much as possible

I know the pull up and body fat percentage are pretty lofty goals but I figured I needed something to strive for, right?  

Basically, I want to be healthy - get stronger, feel better and look good naked as a result!  

Here we go---


Okay, my beginning action plan-

  1. Daily vitamins - prepped in two pill boxes, one for morning & one for afternoon
  2. SOME sort of daily exercise - found free videos & plans on SparkPeople.com
  3. Using the stairs at work instead of the elevator - I'm on floor 17, so I may be working up to this one

I looked up and found a 5k that's going to be held at the beginning of May and have found a Couch-to-5K running plan to help me slowly work up to this goal.  There's an app, too, so it's super convenient to have it on my phone.  From what it says, if I follow the plan, running on May 5th is very do-able.  And, bonus, that running schedule will definitely go towards my other goal of exercising, in some way, every day.  

I tried to post a pic of my vitamins already prepped for the coming week but it wouldn't work so you'll have to trust me on that one!

One day at a time...that's my mantra.


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