Better climbing combined with weight loss

A good friend got me into climbing about half a year ago, and I love it ! I feel like I've progressed, especially in my technique and arm strength (my arm muscles felt like wet towels before starting to climb), but there is still a long way to go. The feet are adequate at the moment from mountainbiking and citybiking, but my strength endurance and my torso need a lot of work, and my finger and arm strength also need to get better. I also need to put some of the new moves I learned in the gym into practice outdoors.

Last year I started a 6-month plan to run a marathon. It was all going well until the 4. month, when I developed a knee problem (pain in the left knee after running 12-14 km) and could not train anymore. I really liked the weight loss of about 6 kg associated with training.

My goals for this year are:

1) Get my weight stable under the 75 kg mark until December. 24.01 6 kg to go.

1+) Would be very nice to get my weight stable to 70 kg until December, which probably means a diet with less caloric intake.

2) Climb a route of grade UIAA 8 at the gym and grade 7 on the rock. 

Update 24.01: 7- doable, quite tiring, 7 depends on the holds and overhang. Power moves doable, small crimpy moves make my fingers lose energy fast. On life-like climbing structure, 7- and 7 doable but tiring. More finger strength would be very helpful here.

Update 31.05: 77 kg, 2 more to go. Did some 7-, some 7s and one 7+ on the rock. In the gym two 8-, working on others. Small pinch moves still a problem.

I am very curious about how to achieve the balance between shedding weight and gaining muscle for climbing. I look forward to it !


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