Better Tees & Better Graphics!

Better Tees & Better Graphics!  - student project

Hello everyone!

My name is Samantha and I'm a designer/illustrator/fabricator/goof from Burbank, CA. By day I'm a graphic designer for an insurance company, by night, I'm usually making things like this: 

Better Tees & Better Graphics!  - image 1 - student projectBetter Tees & Better Graphics!  - image 2 - student project

Better Tees & Better Graphics!  - image 3 - student project

I do quite a bit of stitching, sewing, and sculpting. You can see more of what I do in my portfolio.

I have a little brand called POKEY!!! ( It was originally concieved as a way to help out a local pug rescue, and has grown quite a bit since then! Currently, I offer handmade plush (which are made from t-shirts), buttons, and smaller artworks. However, I did a sloth t-shirt design for fun last year, and to my surprise it has sold quite well! I'd like to do more shirts and art prints for my company as time goes on.

I'm looking to sharpen my graphic design skills, as well as learning how to push my illustration to create more powerful graphics. I'm a huge fan of things like tees and band posters, so the more I can learn to hopefully create some of my own, the better! As for my class project, I'm thinking I'll have to go for Johnny Cupcakes as a brand. I think it will be a great challenge!

I'm really looking forward to the class and getting to know everyone!