Myriah O.




Better Life

My Goals

Balance Diet

  1. Paleo meals- Get into the habit of pre planning so there is no stress at meal times resulting in delivery food
  2. Remove all refined sugars from diet
  3. No more free pizza- we eat a lot of free pizza to help with grocery bills
  4. reduced grocery budget- planned meals are cheaper than restaurant meals
  5. just say no to diabetes- dad just started insulin shots and it's not going well for him. Brother is headed the same way

Calm Soul 

  1. Yoga- Sun Salutations in the morning
  2. Meditation- Hoshin Tao Chi Kung or whatever, nothing special required here
  3. Study Primal Stress with my husband who has been on me to read about it for months now
  4. Be outside

Increase Stamina

  1. Spinning- will increase my stamina on the real-life-bike and it's great exercise in general
  2. Mountain Biking- ride the bike into the ground
  3. Hiking- make more plans for hiking, make more hiking friends, make more friends hike
  4. Considering training for a 5k just for funsies

Increase Strength

  1. Weight training- use apartment gym at least a couple of times a week, we are paying for it after all
  2. Kettle Bells- there is a full set just sitting in the living room, let's use those more
  3. Pick up a small car- that can be a goal right?

Increase Motivation

  1. Be less depressed- hopefully this happens naturally cause it's literally ruining my life
  2. Less Internet/TV- lights out after sunset, no screens at least an hour and a half before bed
  3. Sleep Well- Wake up earlier for morning yoga and delish breakfast with loving husband
  4. Keep better records- diet, exercise, mood, etc.. Structure will help me from feeling lost about what to do next

Long term crazy dream goals are to hike the Appalachian Trail and cross the country a few times on a bicycle. I need more adventure in my life, now and in the future.


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