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Better Canines and Felines: A Look Into the Year 2008

By: Morgan Holloman and Sabrina Chudnow 

We looked at the entirety of the issues in Better Homes and Gardens in the year 2008 in order to analyze the photographs containing dogs and cats. We looked at both advertisements and articles to collect the maximum amount of data that we could achieve. We were looking to answer the question, do magazines (such as better homes and gardens) discriminate against/favor certain breeds of dogs and cats? We learned that they did. Yellow Labs were immensely popular along with the average joe domestic short hair cat. The size of the animals correspond with the amount of pages that they were found on cumulatively. The colors of the dogs and cats correspond with the popularity of their coat colors looking at the magazines as a whole. We chose the format to resemble a magazine cover in order to feel clever and make it aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. We also noted the increase in photos of dogs and cats during certain seasons/months. September by far had the most pictures containing dogs and cats. We also noted the age of the animals in a pie chart.

Data Collected: 

First Visualization:


Final Visualization:



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