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Cj D.

QA Engineer



Betta World

Im starting this project, due to my daughters new pet betta fish. While she is away with her mom, I keep an eye over it. Reminds me that both of my daughters will be back to feed her. (Rosie) She is a deep red half moon betta fish.

I will put a link up to where my project will be hosted shortly. 

  •  Project can be found at:

**Unit 2 Complete 8/10/13**

I have added Table (simplistic table at that) along with an IFRAME and a form (Front end). I had two issues upon verfication on my html, first was I didn't have my html lang set as well as my meta charset. I must've deleted it, but no worries I have fixed that. The second one had me thinking for a few minutes. The validator was giving me a bad <td> tag in the body of the table. upon further review (and admitedly going back to the lesson code we worked on lol) I found that I was missing a <tr> tag. Even though it still displayed on the page properly, it was not lingually correct? If thats even a word/phrase? lol

On quiz, scored an 80 (4 wrong)... Must get better...

On to lesson 3 soon. :) 

***Unit 3 complete 8/13/13***

So this one had some more meat in it then the previous two chapters. By far the most the hardest unit to date, as it is a confusing unit. So we learned about a HTML5 semantic tag called <hgroup> however when placing it in the project as instructed, it failed the html5 validator, due to the W3c depracating it. I have asked Jonathan if this was valid. Just awaiting a response and will post it here when I have one. (I posted the question in the class feed if anyone wants to check for updates) Lot was covered, just remembering all the tags doesnt make sense, however getting a understanding of the important ones, and knowing where to go to add others is whats really helpful here. As far as the audio, I did skip adding the .ogg file, but commented it in my source code, as I know it goes there, just didnt have time to convert the mp3 to an ogg file.

Destination - Unit 4 =)


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