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Beth's November 30-Day Sketch-A-Day Challenge

Hi, everybody! Hi, Ria! I am very happy to be part of this community!

I live in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, so, you have to forgive my English. ;-)

It´s the first time that I join a session and I hope to go though the end of the 30 days challenge. I was graduated in Computer Sciences and I have worked for 14 years with "computers". For the past 4 years, I have been involved with arts, design and watercolor! Now, I am trying to start a career from this. And I think this challenge is a good way to practice, to "take risks", to explore.

Day 1: Fall

Here, in Rio de Janeiro, we don´t have well-defined seasons. It´s hot or not so hot! :-) :-) But, fall reminds me of brown, red and yellow leaves dancing up in the air. So, that was my first sketch. Fall means "outono" in Portuguese.

Supplies: watercolour, colored pencils, acrylic liquid ink.



Day 2: Gourds

I was not familiar with this word, so I've got to google it. And it surprised me. We've got plenty of gourds here in Brazil!

Supplies: watercolour, colored pencils, acrylic liquid ink. This time I used more acrylic ink, applying it with brush, not with nib. I think it turned out like pilot when dried, so I did not like so much...


Day 3: Colours

This was an easy and, at the same time, difficult prompt. Easy because colours are a wonderful subject, but difficult since I had so many ideas about how to show "my colours"...

Anyway, I decided to play with black and colour, with darkness and light. And with love! Cause, in the end, don´t we all love colour?

Supplies: watercolour, ink.


Day 4: Hay

First, just a quick sketch made with ink pen.


Then, I could not help and decided to use my watercolours!


Day 5: Feast

So many ideas for this one... I end up choosing to play with soft pastels. Never used them before.


Day 6: Bonfire

A simple sketch of a traditional Brazilian event: "Festa Junina" (June party). It happens on winter time here in Brazil, so it´s normal to have a big bonfire burning during the event.

Supplies: ink pen, copics.


Day 7: Home

Home can come along with you...



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