Beta analysis project


Research and conclusions drawn 5/7/20 after trading hours

Credit Suisse ticker CIK
Price $2.51
Has a 10.8% dividend yeild. This is inflated because of Covid 19 depression of price. No cut yet.
$0.0225/share paid as a monthly dividend
Beta of 0.8 

   With that it is a rather conservative investment choice-Making this a low risk investment. Which given its historically lower price right now. It has shown a history of continuing dividends no matter the market due to long strategy geared towards consistent coupon income generation.

Algonquin Power Utility Corp ticker AQN
Price $13.67
Has a 4.13% dividend 
$0.141/share paid quarterly
Beta of 1.0
That means this company should rise and fall right in line with the market-lower risk option. The company provides essential power to hundreds of thousands of customers and it has made investments in renewable sources of energy for future sustainable power generation.

Neuberger Berman Real Estate ticker NRO
Price $3.25
Has a 15.05% dividend
$0.04/share paid monthly
Beta of 1.2
That should mean that this company will follow the market while having more dramatic fluctuations-Making this a moderate risk tolerance. For the last ten years it has been slowly growing and trading in a sideways manner. Covid 19 may have  changed the low end of their trading range to a new normal. The % of dividend is inflated due to price depreciation and the dividend remaining at its current level.

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