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Bestial Assassin

So my theme is actually pretty vague, but sort of an assassin or hunter, I am thinking bit of a victorian/gothic twist for her clothing, will probably add a cape or something for warmth. Bestial in the sense she has an animal companion - right now I am tossing up probably a raven or something predatory. Sticking with female as I know the female form better :)

Honestly not sure which thumbnails I prefer yet, stay tuned ^_^

Okay so here's my two that I kinda like. I used a different technique for the 2nd as you can see - it's an outline that I will be adding value to shortly. The second one was actually derived from #6 of my thumbnails. minus the dress. :) I am leaning towards the 2nd but I may give her the first one's coat, as I quite like the fur collar. She's ended up being sort of a bit Van Helsing-ish :P 


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