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Best shot for Celeste, 34 F, at this moment in life

This is the shot I picked:


I live in Brooklyn, NY - photography is really something I do for myself. I like the nostaglia of it - reminding you of a moment in time.  I take pictures of people I know - the thought of photographing someone I don't really know is fascinating and so I'm glad that I got the opportunity to see other's impressive work...

I'm using a sony NEX5 with various Minolta lens...

Celeste is a person I've known for over 15 years and have taken pictues of her over the years, capturing each phase of life, so I asked her to be my subject and in exchange she can have the pictures for her blog.  I made the mood board in advance by just intuitively gathering in my mind what I wanted out the pictures clearly just sketching it out.  I was thinking more about the "truth" i was looking for rather than stylistic choices...  Below are the pictures I picked from that day's session after the jump... Any feedback is appreciated:-)

Nine shots I picked from that day...


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