Best Read Me emails EVER

Best Read Me emails EVER - student project

Tim Urban and WBW send the best 'Read Me' emails. They always make me take action. 

They use their logo on top of the email so the readers feel identified as soon as they open the email.

This case was special because Tim talked about a new way to collaborate with the website to stay ad-free. So this announcement took the top part of the email and used a different background color and a special box. That def caught my attention. 

Best Read Me emails EVER - image 1 - student project

I liked also that he started saying why he hadn't written in some time and he links to his explanation (that is really another article).

Usually, WBW sends the whole content in the email itself and gives the option to see it on the website. But this time, since the email was really long, they decided to just link to it. And I think they did it in a really clever way. They used humour to get people who usually don't click on links to do it. 

Best Read Me emails EVER - image 2 - student project

Finally, I love how they use the unsubscribe link. 

The whole email's tone is fresh and it invites to read.