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Tony Tran

Founder / Head Graphic Artist



Best Over All

[X] Name / Location: Tone Tran / Las Vegas (resident), New Jersey (native)

[X] Brand Name: Best Over All
[X] Slogan: Second To None.

[X] Mission Statement:

As a society, it is in our nature to crave to be the best at what we do and pride ourselves at being number one. I created this brand soley off of my own desires to have those bragging rights and slowly it began to expand. Ironically, my need for personal gratification lead to a sense of selflessness as I wanted to provide an expressive outlet to all individuals and groups that want to say “I am the Best Over All”.

Isn’t that something we all want under our belt? For example, it’s an honor for a musician to win the award of “Best Overall Album of the Year” or for an athlete to win “MVP of the Year” and if you don’t then you stop at nothing until you can acheive those awards. It’s those accolades that we all would like to have and I’m positive thats why most of us are taking this class, to better ourselves and our business to beable to have that sense of being the Best.

"Best Over All" is a mentality that everyone has, no matter the race, age or craft. If you believe in yourself and that you are always willing to improve everyday to win, then you truly are "Second To None"; you cannot be beaten. In every individuals own right, everyone has the ability to become “Best Over All”.

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[X] Logo & Style Guide: 

[X] Logo History:

First, I would like to clarify the reason why we use the term “over all,” as opposed to “overall.” The dictionary definition of the word “overall,” basically does not mean everything, but rather mostly or majority of. By using the phrase “over all,” we are specifiing that we truly mean over everyone and/or everything.

In the primary logo, I wanted to create something with a clean, straight to the point, visually appealing feel. I experimented with different ways to incorporate the brand name, icon, and tag line, and ultimately decided upon a circular format. Not only does it have visual appeal, but I believe it says a lot about who Best Over All is.

The primary word mark is pretty much self-explanatory, where the text is stacked, showing "Best" to be over "All". The secondary word mark is a play on a fraction symbolizing the visual look of the phrase “Best Over All,” where the B for Best is literally placed over the A for All, implementing in the visual sense, Over All.

With the brand icon, I used the trophy that is incorporated in the primary logo along with the secondary logo, and combined them to create a complete cohesive look. Trophies are what you receive when you are deemed the best, so I thought that it was the most appropriate in choosing a symbol that represents what it means to be the Best.

[X] Logo Size Mock Up:

Pint Glass, Shot, Shooter and C-Handle Coffee Mug. Drinkware is a great way to promote.

Button pin.

CAD of Female Dangling Earrings.

What's more badass than having your own brand signal?

[X] Collection

[X] 2010 Kia Soul Car Wrap

[X] Customer Profile:

Ideal Age: 13-35 years old

Male dominant clientele.

The Best Over All ideal customer is outgoing, stylish, expressive, bold, unique, fashion forward, with an innovative mentality. The B/A customer enjoys art, sneaker culture, hype beast lifestyle, and is extremely sociable. Our customers have good jobs, exercises at the gym regularly, throws the best parties, and is the one to set fashion trends out of his circle of friends. They also are very savvy internet shoppers and blog readers who use appearance and image to boost confidence.

Best Over All customers will buy from us and become loyal to our brand because they appreciatey the story our clothes tell, they also appreciate the quality of our clothes as well as the fashion forward designs we deliver.

We believe to create a growing loyal clientele base, we must continue to keep the standard of our designs and quality of the clothing to a high bar. We must stay current and also keep the originality of the Best Over All brand. Consumers will desire to embody the meaning of being, “Best Over All” taking us to the top of the streetwear chain.

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[X] Instagram: @bestoverallcg

[X} Website: Coming soon


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