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Best Online Marketplaces To Sell Your Art & Crafts

Many artists sell work themselves out of their studio, online, at co-operative galleries, or even at one of the thousands of art fairs that are so popular.
But just because you are an artist, doesn’t mean that you know how to sell your work. In fact most artists really struggle with sales and marketing and face consistent disappointment.
When I meet artists, one of the first questions I ask is “How do you sell your art?”
I am often surprised by the ingenuity of the answers. But the truth is, the most common response is a sad face followed by the response, “I don’t sell my art.”
This is a problem.
Here, I have broken down the question of how to sell your art by using these mandatory ways.

"Class Project"-

Try out more than 1 marketplaces and share which one worked the best for you and why. It will help everyone to learn from your experience.

Introduction Video: https://youtu.be/12Y-98VR0bg

"Class Outline":


"Final Published Class [Free Link]": http://skl.sh/294E8Mr


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