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Best Fish Forward

I swore off eating all fish many years ago, because I was overwhelmed by what was happening with overfishing, and didn't want to have any effect on the ocean's food webs and their many intricacies. So rather than get tangled up in long lines and deep sea trawls, I decided to steer clear of all fish. 

But now, I want to untangle that mess. Since I stopped eating fish, there have been great advances in sustainable fish suppliers, chefs and seafood shops, and I want to support the positive changes that have come about. 

So, I'm going to start eating fish again-- but VERY carefully.

In a combination of a food/ recipe blog and personal journal, I will be documenting my journey through learning to eat fish again. Through documenting my research, conversations with local sustainable fish shops & restaurants, and delicate tastings, I will be working my way through various sustainable species, and showcasing them for the public, to encourage them to also make similar moves in their lives. 


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